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Sweet Dreams Cakes for Children - Carina Costa, Marcador, João Maçarico
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Carina Costa, Marcador, João Maçarico:

Sweet Dreams Cakes for Children - Livro de bolso

ISBN: 989847064X

[SR: 1513499], Paperback, [EAN: 9789898470645], Marcador Editora, Marcador Editora, Book, [PU: Marcador Editora], Marcador Editora, When we fall asleep, something takes us to unknown magical places where we can be whoever we wish and create sceneries we didn't think we could ever imagine. As a child this happens frequently because as children we never needed to fall asleep to travel to those worlds! Sweet Dreams presents you the basic techniques used to make fantastic cakes - from the simplest to the most complex ones. You will learn how to make the project of a cake, how to prepare it and what kind of fondant and covering to use. You will learn several decorative art techniques - modelling, gluing, colouring, sculpting and assembling tiered cakes - and also the materials and tools needed. You will be able to decorate the cakes you always wanted to make with your family - especially your children. They will be happy and delighted with your delicious artistic productions! "Carina is an artist with a natural born gift. The essence of her work reaches a fascinating depth" - Debbie Brown - Cake Designer, London, UK "Carina is a very creative and marvellous artist! Her gift should be shared with the whole world" - Colette Peters - Cake Designer, New York, USA "Carina is one of those students that any teacher would love to have. She assimilates entirely the information we provide, works diligently, studies and perfects quickly what she's learning. She knows how to make advice and constructive critique, using them wisely. On top, she has a delightful personality. I wish her success in all her future Cake Decoration efforts. We share a passion that is hard to describe..." - Sandy Folsom - Headmistress of The Wilton Cake Decoration School - Darien, Illinois, USA "With creativity, emotion, sensitivity and an immense talent, Carina was able to make her dreams come true" - Joana Monteiro - Istofaz-se, 1025612, Subjects, 349777011, Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable, 91, Art, Architecture & Photography, 67, Biography, 68, Business, Finance & Law, 507848, Calendars, Diaries & Annuals, 69, Children's Books, 274081, Comics & Graphic Novels, 71, Computing & Internet, 72, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 496792, Education Studies & Teaching, 62, Fiction, 66, Food & Drink, 275835, Gay & Lesbian, 74, Health, Family & Lifestyle, 65, History, 64, Home & Garden, 63, Horror, 89, Humour, 275738, Languages, 61, Mind, Body & Spirit, 73, Music, Stage & Screen, 275389, Poetry, Drama & Criticism, 59, Reference, 58, Religion & Spirituality, 88, Romance, 5106747031, School Books, 57, Science & Nature, 4034595031, Science Fiction & Fantasy, 564334, Scientific, Technical & Medical, 60, Society, Politics & Philosophy, 55, Sports, Hobbies & Games, 83, Travel & Holiday, 52, Young Adult, 266239, Books

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Sweet Dreams Cakes for Children

Carina Costa, Marcador, João Maçarico


Sweet Dreams Cakes for Children

Número ISBN:


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ISBN (ISBN-10): 989847064X
Livro de bolso
Editor/Editora: Marcador Editora

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Número ISBN/EAN: 989847064X

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